Sunday, May 1, 2011


Rating: 5/10

Human Cometh 2011

Review by Kimmo Toivonen

As anyone would have probably guessed, "HCII" is Human Cometh's second album. I haven't heard the first one, and all I know about the band is that Kaj Roth of Melodic.Net is the band's lead vocalist. He does a good job behind the microphone as do the rest of the band members, but I'm just a little bit unimpressed by the song material.

The album does get a good start with "Alone In The Dark", which reminds me of Tony Martin-era Black Sabbath with AOR overtones. Heavy, but melodic. Unfortunately, a certain dullness becomes the norm for the album, with most of the other tracks plodding along at a steady pace. Guitarist Morgan Pettersson throws in some excellent axework to spice things up a little, and there's even a Cookie Monster guesting on the track "Hyperspace", but the hooks just aren't sharp enough for me. "Challenger Deep" and "Love Games" are probably the tracks I like the most out of the remaining ones, while the likes of "Supervulcano" and "Ambassadeur Of Rock" are merely competently played, yet forgettable. Okay, the "slightly" repetitive "Supervulcano" is memorable, but for all the wrong reasons - I can't help but think of Spinal Tap when listening to it...

The band offer their first album as a free download on their website, and you can listen to some of this album's songs there too. Go visit and check them out, because even though I didn't warm up to their brand of hard rock, you could very well like them.


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