Thursday, May 12, 2011


Rating: 5/10

Label: TSM/SLW 2011

Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Who's the Backstage Heroes??? We're the Backstage Heroes!!!! Who like short-shorts??? We like short-shorts!!! Yes, yes, hold your horses and buckle up for a bumpy ride. I do enjoy the intense energy and attitude of the band, however, there's something regarding their strong belief in that 'backstage' would be better than 'frontstage'? that makes you stop and think twice about the band. To be completely honest, I can't seem to get past the lead vocalist and his lively singing accent. Lory Cruel is his name (yeah, right!) and wild voice is the game. It's a shame, especially considering the band's kikk-azz sleazy rock'n'roll music, not poorly recorded at all really.

Appearantly, "Too Rude To Be Cool", and from Turin/Italy, the band and their songs are basically a wild and dangerous mixture of eighties sleaze and "newer" acts such as Hardcore Superstar, Vains Of Jenna and Velvet Revolver. They've done more than 110 gigs in a little bit more than two years and been the opening act for the likes of Crazy Lixx, Last Vegas and Adam Bomb (ka-blaam!!! exploding s**t). It's raw, noisy, dirty, sleazy, complete with gang-like vocals in the background and screaming guitars by Ritchie Mohicano.

What more do you need? Well, again, I find the vocalist too lively and straight in your face (production-wise). You wish he would just 'calm down' for a minute and have a 'breather' for once as this goes on throughout the entire record. Not to mention the accent. All the other elements that are integral parts of 'sleaze' are sort of, but not quite, in place though. The image, the songs (even if they could certainly improve on this part too) and I'm sure they're a capable live act. Will they eventually emerge and become Frontstage Heroes??? Only time will tell...

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