Monday, January 17, 2011

WANTED: "Too Hot To Handle"

Rating: Studio/Live

Label: Eonian Records 2011

Review by Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

"Too Hot To Handle" - it's basically a split compilation CD consisting of seven studio tracks and seven live ones from Wanted's sold out Capitol Showcase at the legendary Ritz Music Hall. Who are what are Wanted, you ask? Well, it's yet another retrospective release and the band exploded into...ehem, onto the Indianapolis music scene back in 1989. Yep, it's the same old story of talanted melodic hardrock band gone sour due to grunge in the early nineties. They shared the stage with other local acts such as Sweet F.A., Schoolboy Crush, MA Kelly, etc. and thus gaining a loyal fanbase and following in the midwest U.S. of A.

Wanted hooked up with manager Bob McCutheon (also responsible for MCA recording act: Sweet FA) and found themselves opening for two major acts in Enuff Z'Nuff and Bad English. They showcased for various major labels and Geffen Records actually awarded them a contract in 1990. They were brought down to the Cherokee studios in Hollywood where the band recorded the tracks "Be Still My Heart" and "Lost In Me Forever" (both obviously included on this CD) and everything seemed to be honky dory in the Wanted camp. Not for long though as the relationship between label and their management went south, soured, and eventually dissolved, killing any chance of recording a full length album at Geffen. In other words, someone (their manager?) f**ked up big time and it's probably all down to money (what else???).

The twin-guitar attack rock alongside strong vocals provided by Robert 'Bobby' Sisk, speak of quality and melodies steeped in a similar formula to above mentioned acts, as well as Motley Crue, Skid Row and Steelheart. It's hardly groundbreaking nor unique sounding hair-metal, however, it's all about party music and having a fun time. The first five tracks were all recorded (demos) in 1989 and numbers such as "Whiskey & Women" and "Another Day" are (pretty darn fun) sleaze anthems of the typical hair-metal era. Very much done in the style of "Girls Girls Girls" (the Crue album) only not quite as impressive of course. The two 'Geffen' recorded songs (#6, 7) are obviously the best sounding ones and they're not too shabby at all really. The last seven tracks are all "live" recordings and comes with a really dodgy (poor) sound quality. Final verdict: Not bad, not bad at all, you can only imagine what could have been if not for the Geffen debacle.


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