Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Rating: 8/10

Label: Supernova 2011

Review by Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

The first thing you'll notice about this particular metal band? Their complete and utter retro sound 'ala Seattle rock at its very peak. Indeed, Three Minute Madness from the northern town of Umeå/Sweden are flirtin' with grunge rock and groups such as Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden, on their rather impressive debut album. Having almost forgotten the uplifting nature of "grunge" and the always gleeful sight of flannel-heads (not quite right, huh?), it was honestly refreshing to witness a band trying to pretend like it's still 1994 out there.

The first 'Disgraceful' track, "Take Me Away", lyric-wise, not as much one of serious drugs and prozac-addicts like their old heroes. However, they certainly can't leave out a line (heh? white-line?) such as "you're like my cocaine", end quote, and God bless them for at least trying to be miserable. Sure, the whole nineties sound of Seattle is a bit excessive and exaggerated. But... behind every generalisation there's a gain of truth and Three Minute Madness are simpy just keeping the flame alive. It's actually burning quite strong and ever so brightly on this platter and in most of their miserable singalong rock songs, you cannot help to grin along to their fun loving attitude and concept. "Open Eyes", very much in the vein of Soundgarden 'ala "Black Hole Sun" and the more commercial sound of the band in the mid/late nineties. The previous track will remind you of Alice In Chains and the following one reeks of Pearl Jam.

I'm sure you'll get the basic idea by now. It's basically a mish-mash of Swedish craftmanship and all the Grunge acts with the sole exception of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. There's a good tension in their music and they've got a knack for coming up with strong choruses. In fact, the only real downer/stinker on this CD, "Friend Or Foe", since it feature a corny hook 'ala Clawfinger at their worst. Closing track, "Graceful", doesn't really click for that matter. Nontheless, a rather impressive debut, great production, and vocalist Fredrik Norman is a star in the making.


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  1. Umeå? Clearly a busy town over the past year. The rather excellent State Cows also hail from there.