Friday, January 7, 2011

TNT: "A Farewell To Arms"

TNT - "A Farewell To Arms"

Rating: 8/10

Label: Metal Heaven 2011

Review by Alan Holloway

Since Tony Harnell left, TNT haven't exactly managed to regain any past glories with current vocalist Tony Mills. It's nothing to do with the singing, more that the two albums released with him just haven't been very good songwise. There was a promise that this album would attempt to hearken back to the traditional TNT sound, which was good news for everybody, and I can happily report that this is pretty much the case, or as close as they're going to get without Harnell.

"A Farewell To Arms" is a pretty heavy album at times, as well as being very melodic all the way through. There's a real belter in the shape of "Take It Like A Man - Woman!", which has elements of Judas Priest and The Scorpions in equal measure, as well as a blistering solo. Those after more traditional harmonies can find them in the simply brilliant "Don't Misunderstand Me", which has a chorus that just won't quit. "Come" has a similar effect, whilst "Barracuda" is a raucus old school rocker that should sound great on stage. Also worthy of note is the melodic but heavy title track, where once again Ronni Le Tekro really gets to let rip on the solo. There's even a soppy ballad at the end, but "God Natt, Marie" is actually a very beautiful track, allowing the listener a bit of breathing space after all the preceding guitarwork. European purchasers are treated to a live version of "Harley Davidson", from the bands debut nearly 30 years ago. It's a nice touch, but an awful track.

I suppose it's certainly a more aggressive album than some of their older ones, and I don't think it's going to change the minds of those who are welded to the belief that it's not TNT without Harnell. Nonetheless, it has some stellar tracks and it seems to me that the band have finally managed to make an album that suits Tony Mills voice whilst retaining their melodic heritage as well as progressing into a modern direction. Without a doubt this is the album they should have recorded two discs away, and I would urge those maybe put off by the previous two to give TNT this one more chance, as you'll find they're worth it.


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