Wednesday, January 5, 2011

LIBERTY N' JUSTICE with Vic Rivera: "Chasing A Cure" EP

Label: Liberty N' Justice 2010

Review by Kimmo Toivonen

The Christian band Liberty N' Justice have once again managed to gather an impressive array of well known artists to appear on this EP, with which they are hoping to raise money for epilepsy reseach. As the band state on their website, "The disease hits very close to home for Justin Murr and his family. Justin's oldest daughter, Trinity Paige Murr, was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 7. For the past five years she has battled through daily medication, hospital stays, cluster seizures, induced comas, three weeks in the ICU — and finally brain surgery." You can get the EP only from the band's website by donating $7.50 or more for this good cause.

Apart from being for a good cause, you should really consider donating because you'll get a very good EP for your money too. All five tracks are very enjoyable melodic rock with excellent vocals from some of the greatest vocalists of the genre. The uptempo "Say Uncle" gets the ball rolling with Ron Keel and Paul Shortino showcasing their incredible talents. Just check out Ron's smooth vocals - he's so much more than just a heavy metal shouter. "Throwing Stones" features Donnie Vie of Enuff Z'Nuff, who has a pretty unique voice, and he does this song justice indeed. An excellent melodic track. Philip Bardowell (Magdalen/Unruly Child/Places Of Power) sings the touching "Paige's Song" and it's another classy performance, with JK Northrup adding some tasty guitar touches to it.

AOR heroes Benny Mardones and Jeff Paris appear on the EP as well, along with Tony Ilous (XYZ), so just based on the vocal talent involved, this EP should be a safe buy for anyone into melodic rock. If that's not enough, the guitarists donating their talent to this include Twisted Sister's Eddie Ojeda, Vic Rivera (AdrianGale), Bill Leverty of Firehouse... Highly recommended.


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