Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SERENITY'S END: "Dead Waters"

[* A & R Dept. Review *] 2011

Review by Satu Reunanen

Finnish Serenity's End are out with their fourth promo release. The band has gone through some changes in seven years, also with the line-up, but musically they continue the style of the previous release "Silence In Grey" (2009). This style of melodic mid-tempo metal with clear and grunt vocals fits them fine, although I don't see them standing out from the huge mass of other todays metal bands. That being said they still make great metal, and this three song promo with "Dead Waters", "Mournful Elegy" and "The Last One" shows various talents in the band.

With the talent of these four guys and one girl I wonder why they are still releasing only promos. Their material carries as well as so many other recorded bands out there, even if they don't bring out anything new on the table. The songs are powerful, the keys flow nicely in the background, both vocals work as they should, the songs have their striking moments and the rest of the band are probably sweating like hell behind their instruments giving the music the final dynamic touch. They carry nuances of so many metal bands of today, but also have that dark melancholic gothic touch, that reminds a bit of Poisonblack. Which is funny, 'cos Serenity's End also comes from Oulu. I'm sure it's just a coincidence, 'cos there's so much more here to find.


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