Monday, June 6, 2016


Rating: RRRR

Label: Escape Music

Review By: Alan Holloway

Hailing from Canada (sort of like Britain but with more French people), Rob Moratti is perhaps best known for his vocal work with Rage of Angels and Saga (on the 2009 release 'Human Condition). 'Transcendent' is his second solo release, and he's waited five long years to get around to it since the well received 'Victory'. The good news is that it's been worth the wait, as it picks up where it's predecessor left off, and with any luck should reel in a few extra fans for this talented vocalist.

It's always nice when an AOR album arrives with no pretensions and little fanfare. As it's an Escape Music release, 'Transcendent' naturally has a fantasy/sci-fi cover, complete with winged horse and zeppelin. Let's be honest, though, you'd be worried if it didn't have this sort of cover, and at least they're always well drawn. the important stuff, however, is inside, and Moratti delivers in spades. 'Answer Of Life' gives the listener a solid template for what's to come, with a smooth melody, soaring vocals and nifty guitar solo (from Torben Enevoldsen). It's decidedly 80s in feel, as is the rest of the album, with a gentle, catchy melody that carries on throughout the album. The tracks on offer have all been written using the 'Big Book Of AOR Cliches', true, but there's a polish to them that elevate this from many other run of the mill releases. Another factor is Moratti himself, who sounds absolutely gorgeous on every track. It's decidedly upbeat, too, a real summer album if ever there was one. If you're a fan of AOR it's definitely a hard one to dislike that's for sure.

'Transcendent' isn't an album that will change your life, sure, but it's one that will put a smile on your face and give enjoyment from the first listen. Sometimes you just want to sit in the sun with a cold beer and a quality slice of melodic rock that has no surprises, just great quality tunes. This is that album, so don't forget to pour me on whilst you're at it.

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