Thursday, June 9, 2016

MOB RULES: "Tales From Beyond"

Rating: RR
Label: SPV 2016
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Mob Rules and Tales From Beyond. It barely just exists and plods through the motion. Never nearly as great as their moniker (that's Birmingham and Black Sabbath, folks). Never really outgoing or progressive, but continuing to hack out the same old bump and grind kind of stuff until you get bored and lose focus entirely. It's difficult to point out any highlights whatsoever and it comes across to me that Mob Rules are just playing the metal cliches for the sake of it.

Sure enough. They throw the occasional tantrum as well as burst into several ticks and seizures, and it's definitely not a case of metal in which flair, skill, and all those other imponderables are simply not required. Make no mistake. Mob Rules are good musicians. The song material? It's just so been there, done that, and bought the book in which all these arrangements are clearly described. It sounds like they're trying to do something original and no doubt they'll get there one of these days. I could go on with the battering, but there's no point really. Let's just call it a day as the tracks lack the ability to intrigue the listener. Back to the drawing board.

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