Wednesday, June 1, 2016

RICH ROBINSON: "Woodstock Sessions Vol 3"

Rating: Re-issue
Label: Eagle/Circle Sound 2016
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Rich Robinson (Black Crowes), storytelling and thought worthy material go hand in hand with blues, folk-rock, country, and traditional singer/songwriter on his live recording, Woodstock Sessions Vol. 3. Recorded over two days. Two sets each day. The first acoustic and the second electric. On May 31 and June 1, 2014, Robinson invited an intimate group to Applehead Studios in Woodstock, NY to join him as he recorded this very live album.

It's got that 'live in studio in front of an audience sound' that became so darn popular in the early/mid nineties due to MTV and their shows. This expended edition was produced by Robinson and the production is organic and breathing throughout, allowing our artist's weary voice to shine through the vial of his words, no better example springs to mind than on the groovy, "I Have a Feeling", which will have the manic jam brothers in tears of joy. It'll give you a sneak peek of the feeling that the next following numbers and jam session, "Laila II" and "One Cylinder, are all about. This is when most people take a break and leave the room to freshen up on beverage and snack? Yeah. The instrumental jam songs, perhaps not to everybody's liking, since it's just a tad too much hippie groove and Woodstock. His 10+ minute jam is all about guitar tones and improvisation.

This edition/version of the Woodstock release comes complete with previously unreleased "Got To get Better In a Little While". It's no doubt the musical document of what happened in on these two dates. What happens in Woodstock stays in Woodstock? Nonetheless. Some of these live tracks are perhaps just too much jam and hippie to your average 2016 rocker?

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