Monday, June 6, 2016


Rating: RRRR

Label: Inakustik

Review By: Alan Holloway

The first time I saw Michael Schenker, (supporting The Scorpions), he was off his tits, but the last time, (at the Steelhouse Festival), he was much better, aided and abetted by a solid band and decent singer. As this DVD shows, the solid band, decent singer and not being off his tits is a continuing affair.

Filmed at a sold out show in Madrid, 'On A Mission Live' certainly has plenty going for it, not least the inclusion in the band of ex Scorpions members Francis Buchholz and Herman 'Ze German' Rarebell. As rhythm sections go it's not a bad place to start, and when you add former Rainbow vocalist and professional Scotsman Doogie White to the roster it's pretty hard to do much wrong as long as your superstar guitar player is behaving himself. As I've already said, though, Michael shows all the skill that made him a legend among guitar freaks.

The two hour set is well balanced between old and new material, from classic Scorpions and UFO to modern Temple Of Rock. It's not a huge venue, which means there's no big stage show or lighting to impress, but there's plenty of good music to do the talking throughout. Schenker has plenty of opportunity to shine and show off his impressive guitars, including the new twin neck flying M, and the camera takes the opportunity to show us his flying fingers whenever pertinent. Second guitarist Wayne Findlay is no slouch either, and it's nice that Schenker is man enough to give him the solo on 'Rock You Like A Hurricane' (although Schenker gets to play his own bit in this extended version).

As live DVDs go, this is a pretty good addition to your collection, and will be extremely fawned over by Schenker fans. The band is tight, the mix spot on and the songs ranging from good to great with plenty for the older fans. The mark of a good DVD is whether you would have wanted to be there, and this passes that mark with flying colours, or should that be a flying V...

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