Saturday, December 6, 2014

PAIN OF SALVATION : "Falling Home"

Rating: R
Label: Inside Out
Review by Martien Koolen

A new Pain Of Salvation is always a surprise as it will be quite different from the previous POS albums. I have a love/hate relation with Gildenlow and Co. because I really love The Perfect Element (2000) and Remedy Lane (2002), but I loathe the albums Be (2004) and Scarsick (2007). The new album, Falling Home, is again utterly disappointing as it is an acoustic album (I hate unplugged stuff) filled with eight re-recorded old tracks, two covers (I hate covers) and one new song; being the title track.

The two covers are completely redundant and I truly believe that Ronnie James Dio would turn over in his grave if he could hear Gildenlow's version of Holy Diver. POS's lounge jazzy version with even some reggae influences is absolutely horrific and in my humble opinion covers should be forbidden, as they never have any significant added value whatsoever. Well, the eight old songs from albums like Scarsick and Road Salt Two are all acoustic stuff, so they all sound the same (read boring) and offer no alternative to the original tracks. Take e.g. Chain Sling which can be best described as a horrible monstrosity due to the very annoying vocals of Gildenlow. In fact the entire album is a waste of time and utterly redundant as even the only new track is nothing more than a country duet! I know this may sound harsh, but it is only my opinion and there might be POS fans who actually will enjoy this album; which is of course good for them. Real die hard POS fans should buy the limited edition digipack as it includes the two bonus songs She Likes To Hide and King Of Loss.

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