Saturday, December 6, 2014


Rating: RRRR
Label: Unsigned/Self Released 2014
Review by Rich ”The Meister” Dillon

Lancelot Lynx began life as MataHari when Beto Kupper moved from Brasil to Ireland in 2005.  The three piece played covers all over Ireland and after undergoing some lineup changes Kupper found his team in drummer J-Roz and guitarist Michal Kulbaka.  Changing their name to Lancelot Lynx this new band ventured out playing original songs composed by Kupper and Roz.  They issued a five song, self titled EP in 2010 and now serve up their full length debut with No Time to Die.  For three straight weeks Amazing Radio (London, UK) has chosen them as ”track of the week” with the songs ”7th Circle” and ”Drifter” and has referred to them as ”Classic metal monsters from Ireland”.

Often preferring a little bite and heaviness to my music, Lancelot Lynx appealed right away to me as I spun it for the first time.  Several listens later and itís raw sounding production, thundering bass lines and high energy is really sitting well with me.  No Time to Die rips open with the anthemic thrash powerhouse, ”We Live the Life”.  ”Fast Way” features a catchy chorus among the driving beat while the hard driving grind of ”Real Bastard” is sure to incite head banging and air guitar/drumming.  The vocal harmonies to the chorus on ”Dead Elaine” are a nice addition and without going through all 12 tracks I'll just say it's no wonder that both ”Drifter” and ”7th Circle” were awarded the previously mentioned accolades, both being solid standout cuts on No Time to Die.

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