Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The JOKERS: "Rock N Roll Is Alive"

Rating: RRR
Label: SPV/Steamhammer 2013
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

First question that pops up while looking at the artwork and monicker. Are they serious? Hell yeah! The Jokers are not kidding around as they proudly proclaim that 'Rock N Roll Is Alive' - but in condition critical? More corny hair metal with dodgy lyric, I think as the opening track "Silver City" winds its tiresome way. The refrain with its 'down, down' down' hook or rather lack of it, you've heard it all a million times before. Why do they ALWAYS sing 'down' three times? Seriously... I could name countless song and dance numbers with the use of going down x3. What ever happened to one, two or four? Or any other number for that matter.

We're off to a rather dodgy start but things are about to vastly improve. The title track is straight up rock with a catchy hook and "Radio" is the smashing semi-ballad in the grande tradition of Y&T and Bad Company (or Thunder for that matter since they copied all the big 70s acts). The Jokers are an UK act that play an oblivious mix of 70's Rock with the hint of fun 80's hardrock. They're mostly about vintage rock in the style of Bad Co./Free though, and some of these melodies aren't exactly new and/or fresh. It's like if Thunder gave birth to a bastard son of Bad Company?

They don't look at all well or appealing according to the cover. Don't let that fool you since they're more than capable of playing the seventies game.

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