Wednesday, September 18, 2013

TARJA: "Colours In The Dark"

Rating: RR
Label: earMusic/Edel 2013
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

"Welcome to my mystique voyage. An inner trip to fantasy, freedom and love. A Conquest of fear, lonesomeness and dislike. Welcome to my world" (quote: Tarja). It's a rather strange world - I'm sure - the inner sanctium of Tarja T. I wonder if it's like an endless vivid dream of 'Colours in the Dark', operatic metal and drama from the moment go? I don't know, but like all these strong women out there doing their own thing: Kate Bush, Bjork, Madonna. etc. (Nah. Just kidding on the latter shitty copy-cat artist MDNA), they just don't give a shit about what's hot or not. I'm not saying this Finn is just as great as the superb Kate Bush. Hell no. Far from it (musically speaking) as Kate Bush is a living legend. But on a more personal note... why not? They just don't give a damn about what you're supposed to do and not.

Seriously? operatic metal, spanking wild vibrato vocals with a massive octave range, and boots to match? Kudos to the Finn for making it work in the end. However, there's a butt (and a rather cute one - oi! sexist pig), the songs are simply not strong enough this time around and it's difficult to recall more than three or four of them after weeks of spin. This album desperately need more great songs in the vein of "Never Enough" and the Bjork-ish "Darkness". We love the strong persona of Tarja and the vocals are pretty impressive too, even if it's a rather tiresome 'over the top' experience on this particular platter.

But again, the songs, oh dear me, the songs are the ones Bjork and Kate Bush decided to ditch before entering the studio. Because, yeah, why not? Tarja T is sort of the metal version of the two - only with an even more operatic approach and not as impressive songmaterial. Kick ass production though - made to play LOUD on your stereo. Let's hope for the ultimate Tarja album next time around (P.S. Tarja - have a listen to 'Hounds of Love' - yeah? no? maybe?)

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