Tuesday, September 24, 2013

COLDSPELL: "Frozen Paradise"

Rating: RRRR
Label: Escape Music
Review by The Bailey Brothers

Coldspell are back with a new release and if you are a fan of melodic hard rock it should tick all the right boxes. There’s lots of cool guitar licks straight out of the George Lynch school of rock from Michael Larsson but he’s a songwriter so limits the solos to a set number of bars that fit the song not his ego which is cool. Another shining light is the vocals of Nicklas Swedentorp and the production is how it should be for this level of release.

There’s a more metal, darker side to some songs which for me really adds some energy to the album such as the intro to “Going All The Way” which is also the rhythm section for the chorus; the vocals have more hooks than a fishing trawler, a cool solo with a wah pedal adds some flavour and it’s become my favourite track on this their 3rd release.

“Alive” also has a killer opening riff - not over struck on the verse feel but the chorus really is a ball breaker with another good vocal. Another song worth noting is “Soldiers” there’s alot going on here and it’s all good. The drums on the album come across as punched in samples and not a live drummer and if I’m wrong then maybe get the drummer some beers in because the drumming was a bit pedestrian. Just imagine what a Tommy Aldridge style drummer could have done with those killer riffs. Coldspell have made the best album they could and the fans should be well pleased with this release.

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