Wednesday, September 18, 2013

BLACKMORE'S NIGHT: "Dancer and The Moon"

Rating: RR
Label: Frontiers 2013
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

As cool as a summer breeze - hot as a winter freeze? As always an interesting (in lack of a more direct input?) blend of festival medeval music and rock 'ala The Moody Blues and Mike Oldfield (The 'Maggie' years) with a bit of Blackmore's past thrown in, the married couple does not offer anything new on their latest album. The sheer lack of surprise is no doubt the biggest surprise. We could surely do the whole discussion of the safe and cousy marriage... but let's not go there.

I do enjoy their first couple of albums the most and it's been rather lacklustre ever since. The thing is, even with a sort of clear mind, Blackmore has an astonishing ability to lure the brain into submission and having thoughts of happier moments. And yes, occasionally, Blackie would rise above the average folk-rock music on offer and the odd old spark of six-string genius would shine through. But let's not kid ourselves, the album won't break any new bounderies, nor will it create much of a stir. 'Lady In Black' is a nice cover and the same goes for the Randy Newman. Sticking to what they know best, Night and co. will continue to walk down the path of becoming the next 'Moonlight Shadow'.

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