Tuesday, April 24, 2012

T.REX: "Electric Warrior" [super deluxe]

Rating: Reissue
Label: Universal/A&M 2012
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Yet another pointless reissue of a classic album? The super-duper deluxe edition of the 1971 album by T.Rex, Electric Warrior, 3 discs (2CD/1DVD). The album topped the UK album charts twice, from December 18th 1971 to January 29th 1972 and again from February 5th to February 19th 1972. The first disc, the original album plus single A and B sides, all you ever need really since its the beginning of the first wave of glam. Seriously, why bother with crappy sounding outtakes, dodgy demos, wacky versions and single vocal mixes???

Make no sense whatsoever. Why spend money on crap if you already have a copy of the very classy 'Electric Warrior' album? I can't find a single reason to why you should, no matter if you're a die hard fan of the Bolan man. And any die hard fan already have the dodgy sounding demos and faulty versions anyhow. Disc 3 is a DVD, and it doesn't include the surround mix, but does include ten performances, two of them, the official promo videos of 'Get It On' and 'Jeepster'. Other performances originated from Germany's Beat Club, the Empire Pool Wembley, where the latter are outtakes from the T. Rex film 'Born to Boogie'. Get It On or Rip Off? - you be the judge.

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