Friday, April 27, 2012

ALREADY GONE: "One Good Reason"

Rating: 3/10
Label: Indie/TSM 2012
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Already Gone? - Hey, I'm outta' here!! They are a melodic rock quartet from the Midlands, UK, consisting of vocalist Luke Maskery (who appeared on ITV's 'Stars In Their Eyes' at age 18), guitarist Dan Nutt, bassist Tim Buxton, and drummer Vikki 'Vicious' Brown. I've been told they are influenced by classic rock acts such as Bon Jovi, The Eagles and Nickelback (according to the press release).

Hence my surprise (or rather not actually) as I spin the disc only to find out they sound absolutley nothing like their influences. A cynical may suggest that's it's nothing but a desperate marketing to attract the poor listener. Well, aren't all press-releases? Singer Maskery is often compared to the likes of Jon Bon Jovi and Steven Tyler? Not likey, if anything he's more towards the style of Joe Elliot and any other average U.K. melodic hardrock vocalist. Typical mid-range but compensates this with sheer attitude and energy.

Some of the 13 tracks. Opener, 'Cry Baby', tiresome hair metal. 'Stop, Drop, Rock N Roll', decent sleaze with a refrain sort of similar to Shotgun Messiah's 'Sex, Drugs Rock N Roll' (now, THERE's a great tune!). 'Sweet Dreams Baby', corny country rock and not likely to please fans of The Eagles (and yeah, Hotel California IS a smashing album). 'Sweet Lady Jane' may briefly have you thinking about the Def Leppard debut album (On Through The Night - 1980) and various blues rock influenced acts of the past. Best track off the album, "In Your Arms", the one and only track that also may remind you of Bon Jovi. Occasionally catchy with a constant tendency towards the uninspiring and aimless. They desperately need more songs in the vein of track #10 to 12 on the CD (In Your Arms, One Good Reason, Girls I Used To Know). Weird, most bands would have these songs at the beginning of their CD.

Damn it, now I REALLY need to listen to 'Second Coming' with Shotgun Messiah... 'Red Hot' - makes me wanna cry but I like it... weirdorama, psychodome - the lights are on but nobody's home... heartbreak blvd... splatterpunx on acid - yeah!

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