Tuesday, April 10, 2012

LULLACRY: "Where Angels Fear"

Rating: 6/10

Label: Playground 2012

Review by Kimmo Toivonen

After a few years away from the scene, Finnish metal band Lullacry has returned with a new album under their collective belt. Just like on their previous albums, the band still plays melodic metal with female vocals, combining elements of 80'ies metal to a more modern soundscape. And just like their previous albums, I kinda like their music yet it's the kind of stuff that won't get too many spins after this review is done, save for a song or two.

The album is well produced by Mikko Herranen, who also sings a duet with the band's vocalist Tanja Lainio on the album. The balladic "Feel My Revenge" is one of the better tracks of the album. It might even bring some unexpected rewards for the band, as Herranen is currently successfully competing in the popular "Voice Of Finland" TV show. Other highlights of the album include "Still An Angel", "Thousand Suns" and "Where Angels Fear", all relatively catchy tracks with big hooks. Quite why the band chose "Bad Blood" as the first single and video I don't know, as it's one of the album's more average tracks. Some of Tanja's vocal lines are like fingernails on a chalkboard - I hardly doubt that it's the effect they were after.


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