Sunday, April 29, 2012

BLEEDING UTOPIA: "Demons To Some Gods To Others"

Rating: 3/10
Label: WormHoleDeath 2012
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Demons to some, Gods to others? What about bozos? a vast majority of the population will most certainly file Bleeding Utopia under the latter category? And as if that wasn't enough, they proclaim to be a thrash metal band? Perhaps the modern typed ones as Dew Scented or whatever (not that I'd call it thrash). But this is mostly plain old boring death metal/core firmly rooted into the sound of the mid to late nineties. It's unfortunately the worst possible era in the history of hardrock and metal. Geez, remember when Slayer decided to jump bandwagon and do this shit as well in the nineties? Oh, the horror, the horror! They haven't recovered as of yet really and their last classic studio album dates as far back as 1990 (Seasons In the Abyss).

For although at heart it's rather technical album based around groove and power riffing, Killing Utopia has gone over board with the monotonious setting synonymous with the 90's core and chosen to locate their songwriting at the far back of priorities. You may however find their music interesting if you're just about to enter the mosh pit and jump around like a tw*t for an hour. Infront of the stereo, in your MP3 player, or whatever (cassette recorder, sony walkman?), it gets quickly dull though. The songs are simply not good enough. Final verdict: The stamina, agility, and position play of Roger Johnson after a two day bender (FYI: Johnson is the captain of Wolverhampton W - football, premier league).

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