Wednesday, March 7, 2012

UFO: "Seven Deadly"

Rating: 7/10

Label: Steamhammer/SPV 2012

Review by Alan Holloway

So UFO are determined not to sit back and coast, releasing their sixth album since 2000, and still managing to hold on to two ordinal members in vocalist Phil Mogg and drummer Andy Parker, both of whom have been in the band for 43 years now, unlike keyboard player Paul Raymond who ‘only’ joined in 1976. The current line up is completed, oddly, by Vinnie Moore, a man more famed for neo classical guitar widdle than blues based Brit rock, but actually making his 4th UFO album appearance, so he must be enjoying himself.

In itself, “Seven Deadly” is pretty impressive, and I can see that existing fans should get a real blast from the low down, dirty blues edged vibe throughout. Phil Mogg isn’t what you’d call the greatest singer in the world, but he has a unique style that lends itself perfectly to the music, and amazingly hasn’t changed over the years. Musically, this is as UFO as you’re likely to get, from opener “Fight Night” right through to “Waving Good Bye” at the end, this could be no other band. If you’ve never heard UFO it’s not a bad place to start, as it’s powerful, crunchy and well produced, and with Vinnie Moore on guitar duties has some truly cool solos, although he sensibly doesn’t try and stamp his mark over the top of the band’s existing sound.

As with most UFO releases, “Seven Deadly” takes me to a certain point and no more, because whilst the songs fly they rarely soar, although this may be because I’ve never been a big fan, and so my capacity for enjoyment is limited. Maybe it’s fairer to say that I’ve enjoyed this as much as any UFO album I’ve heard before, and if you’re a fan you should certainly go out and get it, as you’ll probably adore it to bits.


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