Monday, March 5, 2012

H.E.A.T: "Address The Nation"

Rating: 9/10

Label: earMUSIC 2012

Review by Alan Holloway

Swedish youngsters H.E.A.T have a habit of not giving a fuck. This is a very admirable quality, and has seen them release two albums of music that is certainly not what the masses are crying out for, and Bod bless them for doing so. After the unfortunate departure of vocalist Kenny Leckremo in 2010, H.E.A.T recruited the winner of the 2009 edition of Swedish Idol. He certainly proved he was up to the job with excellent liver performances, and many a breath has been held waiting for the band’s debut with the new boy.

Whilst Finnish band Reckless Love seemed to go towards a more poppy, synth sound for their recent album, H.E.A.T have pretty much decided that if something ain’t broke there’s no point trying to fix it. Each of the ten tracks on “Address The Nation” is a snapshot of what AOR is all about, with big choruses and joyful bouncing galore. Only the final track, “Downtown” has a seriousness not associated with the band, but it makes up for it by being a superb if moody, track with a first class guitar solo.

Vocalist Erik Gronwall does not disappoint in any way here, and those who predicted a doom laden future for the band after Leckremo left will look pretty silly after people hear the vocals here. Opening track “Breaking The Silence” really showcases his voice, bringing to mind his awesome “18 And Life” Swedish Idol audition in 2009. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also one of the best songs the band has produced, and I love the fact that for each album they have opened with a kick ass track that really puts you in the mood for the rest.

“Address The Nation” is one of those albums that you listen to several times in a row, because time goes so fast when it’s on. It’s over 40 minutes, but you will seriously wonder where the time went as “Downtown” once again rolls to a close. There’s not a lot of variety here like there was on the new Van Halen album, and for some that may be a drawback, but none of the songs beg to be skipped or outstay their welcome. A wonderful fusion of keyboards, guitars and a fantastic voice, “Address The Nation” should see H.E.A.T get bigger and bigger.



  1. H.E.A.T. ROOOOOOXX!!!

    I want to see them in Brazil

  2. Feel the H.E.A.T!!!!