Sunday, March 18, 2012

FURYON: "Gravitas"

Rating: 6/10

Label: Frontiers 2012

Review by Kimmo Toivonen

Furyon have finally secured a wider distribution for their acclaimed debut via Frontiers Records. They represent the heavier end of Frontiers' rooster, with a modern metal sound that as close to Alice In Chains as it is to old school hard rockers like Whitesnake. An AOR band they most definitely are not.

The band has been called "the best new metal band from Britain" and all sorts of accolades have been handed to them. While I can appreciate the talent in the band, I'm not going to start throwing superlatives their way. Yes, the album sounds great and they are very talented musicians, not to mention Matt Mitchell who is a top class vocalist... but still, there are far too many songs on the album that merely pass me by without drawing my attention to them. At their best the band can deliver "heavy and melodic" rock as they promise in the press release, both "Disappear Again" and "Wasted On You" are good examples of that. Then again, I don't know how many times I've played this album, but songs like "Souveniers" or "Fear Alone" may be decent enough, but I just don't remember anything about them. Heavy, but not melodic enough.

The fact that at times I find Furyon slightly dull doesn't mean that they couldn't go on to become the next Metallica, so do check 'em out... I have a feeling that they're onto something.

The Frontiers release includes a couple of bonustracks, no comment on those since the promo package didn't include them.


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