Sunday, March 11, 2012


Rating: DVD

Label: WormHoleDeath 2012

Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Thirty minutes of brutal romantic atmosphere created, written, directed by Susi Medvsa Gottardi featuring the music of the Swedish band, The Way Of Purity. Ehem, yeah, it's thirty minutes of something alright. Not the usual music DVD really even if the plot follows the first WOP album? The band (obviously united in faith through a blood pact), lost in the woods of Bohemia, discover an abandoned house and in it they find an old skool tape recorder. When they play it (oh, no! don't play it!) the harsh screaming lyrics of a suffering female voice causes them to have insane visions of blood and martyrdom.

Yep, it's appearantly jam packed with the screaming and visual being of some poor naked woman (obviously covered in blood) that lived in the house and committed suicide in the name of God back in 1972. Why nude? Who cares? The woman is however played by some Hungarian porn star (Lena Cova) and she's definitely a sight for sore eyes. So now you have one cute and very naked Hungarian porn star as well as poorly Italian actors with horrible accents running around in the forrest while the plot thickens? Nah, the band (actual actors?) walks through the forrest wearing ski-masks and looking extremely corny. The old traditional corpse painting would have been a so much better visual experience really.

The short film is cheesy scary in the same way as the first Evil Dead (only worse). And please don't tell me that you actually enjoy utter shite horror movies of the eighties? All the eighties movies sucks with a few exceptions really. Scarface, Alien 2, Gremlins? Ehem, yeah, erase the latter. No wait, don't... gremlins are cool. The film isn't dark enough and it could have been more fun to watch had it been all gothic and dirty. Ah! Lena! (Donnie Iris?? Nah, he sang Leah?)

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