Saturday, November 12, 2011


Rating: 9/10

Label: indie 2011

Review by Martien Koolen

TRF, better known as THE ROCK FiLES is a Dutch melodic rock band and with "A LiFE ON EARTH" they finally release their amazing debut album. It took almost ten years to finally release this album, but now you can enjoy this concept album over and over again. TRF is in fact Adjan Emmen's band, a guy who has been in the music business for more than 25 years already. Besides Adjan, the guitar player, the band consists of Jerry ten Bhomer (vocals), Rutger Klijn (bass guitar) and Pim Kooiman (drums) and on "SiNKiNG" Marco Hoogerheide plays the keyboards.

The eleven songs on the album are all beautiful melodic, symphonic rock tracks featuring marvellous guitar melodies and superb vocal parts. The lyrics deal with life on earth as we know it and in the end gives us a message of hope; stating that how miserable you feel or how low you have fallen there is always hope!

The music is dominated by the breathtaking guitar sound of Adjan and the heavenly vocals of Jerry, which seem to fit together perfectly just listen to the amazing opening track "LiFE" and you will be hooked...

"DESPAiR" is a nice semi-ballad in which Jerry shows what he can do with his amazing voice and Adjan's guitar melodies in this particular track are more than excellent. The instrumental "SiNKiNG" is the next musical highlight, featuring again some awesome guitar melodies and solos."PRECiOUS" is another ballad which really gives me goosebumps, mainly due to the astonishing guitar melodies and the emotional vocal passages; this is a song that truly reminds me of Queensryche's "Silent Lucidity"! The album ends with "FAiTH", a very well composed rock track with beautiful melodies and lots of diversity. After 51 minutes this album ends and then you will want to hear it again because the music really grabs you by the balls!!

A perfect debut and I am sure that we will hear a lot more from TRF in the future. If you like melodic,symphonic rock music with outstanding guitar work and excellent singing then A LiFE ON EARTH is a MUST!!

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