Sunday, November 6, 2011

Neil DANIELS: "Rock Landmarks: Judas Priest - British Steel"


Label: Wymer Publishing 2011

Review by Kimmo Toivonen

Second book in the "Rock Landmarks" series, Neil Daniels' book about the classic Judas Priest album "British Steel" is a neat little package of information and anecdotes about the subject. It's a CD-sized book, intended to be stored next to your CD copy of the album in question I guess. A pretty good idea, even though the small size of the book is the reason why I'm reviewing it only now... I read it the same day I got it a few weeks ago and put it to a drawer, and since it's been out of sight, it's been out of mind too...

Daniels has previously written a good unauthorized biography of Priest, so he's definitely qualified to put together a book like this. What you'll get is a rather indepth look at the situation where the band was when it was about to start recording this, plenty of information about the recordings and the "aftermath" of "British Steel", the hit singles, videos and the tour that followed. There's a thorough and enthusiastic review of the album by the author and lots of additional info about the various versions of the album, even the tour dates of the "British Steel" tour. Maybe the only thing that's missing is the input from the band members. It would have been quite interesting to read what do they think of "British Steel" and its' songs these days.

If you're a fan of the band, this is worth picking up to accompany your copy of the album. The prices is comparable to the size of the book!


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