Tuesday, November 22, 2011

ALFONZETTI: "Here Comes The Night"

Rating: 7/10

Label: AOR Heaven 2011

Review by Alan Holloway

Matti Alfonzetti first came to my attention, as he did for many others, as the lead singer of Jagged Edge at the arse end of the 80s. After that fell to bits he has done all sorts of stuff, including writing for The Poodles, fronting Road To Ruin, and putting out a couple of very good solo albums. Well, nine years after the last one he’s cobbled together another first class set of tracks, writing, producing, singing, playing and probably cleaning the studio toilets as well.

I’ll freely admit that “Here Comes The Night” took a few spins to grab me, but when it did it certainly didn’t want to let go, and as I sit here I’m listening to it for the 6th time on the trot and quite happy to do so. Alfonzetti sounds as good as he ever has, and has done a decent job on the production as well. The songs are good, solid, hard rock fare that will be accessible to any fan of classic rock, and especially any existing fans of his work. Mostly mid paced, the best moment is when things heat up a bit on “Rock & Roll Heart”, but in truth there’s not a naff track in sight.

The wheel has unsurprisingly no been reinvented here, but Matti Alfonzetti has been a consistent provider of quality hard rock for many years now, and with “Here Comes The Night” he continues to a great job.

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