Saturday, November 12, 2011

KILMARA: "Don't Fear The Wolf"

Rating: 7/10

Label: Rising Records 2011

Review by Martien Koolen

The "new" album by the Spanish power metal band Kilmara is a re-release and features 13 tracks. For the recording and producing of their second album they worked with no one less than Roland Grapow of Masterplan. The new abum is a lot heavier and more catchy than their debut album "Hunting Dreams". You can also hear an orchestra on the album as well as a couple of guest musicians. However the band needs to work on their own sound more or they will probably go under in the power metal world as there are so many bands that can compete with Kilmara...

The best songs on the album are - at least accoring to yours truly - "Let Sadness Be Destiny" (a power metal epic), "You Better Run" (really powerful and energetic) and "Show Me The Way", which is bombastic, fast and has some excellent riffs. However the boring semi-ballad "Blindfold" is completely redundant and the rest of the songs are so so, but not really catchy and classic power metal songs. The band needs to work on their compositational skills and their own sound and then I think these Spanish rockers could really get somewhere.

If you are a fan of heavy power metal music then you should at least listen to "Don't Fear The Wolf" and maybe or probably you will like it and buy the album. I am looking forward to their third album, featuring Kilmara with a distinct heavy sound of their own!


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