Sunday, February 27, 2011

TWISTED SISTER: "Come Out And Play"

Rating: Re-issue

Label: Eagle Rock/Armoury 2011

Review by Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

"Twisted Sister... come out and play! Twisted Sister... come out and plaaaayyyy!!!". Yes, yes, it's obviously a complete rip-off from the "Warriors" movie of the late seventies? early eighties??? Hell, I can't be bothered to google since this is supposed to be about the re-issue of the 1985' Twisted Sister album and not some dodgy film. The beginning of the end according to most SMF's and no really the follow-up they wished for after the very successful "Stay Hungry" (what a classic little album). The arrangements are all a bit too familiar to previous TS albums by now and the lack of a proper hit single did not exactly help the band.

What about, "Leader Of The Pack", you say? Fair enough, it did cause a few spin at MTV and helped to get the wheels in motion. It's a sixties pop cover though and their own material are kind of stuck in secod gear throughout the album. The title track and the Alice Cooper duet, "Be Chrool To Your Scuel" are a couple of highlights worthy of the same praise as previous albums. "Out On The Streets" displayed a more melodic and commerical sound, a path the band would continue to stroll down on the following and last album in 1987 (see review elsewhere). The Eagle Rock/Armoury re-issue comes with the bonustrack "King Of Fools" and it's a decent tune. Definitely the worst of the Sister' albums and just barely interesting enough to add to your Jay Jay and Dee collection.


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