Friday, February 25, 2011

TURISAS: "Stand Up & Fight"

Rating: 6/10

Label: Record

Review by Alan Holloway

It’s been a few years since Turisas impressed with “The Varangian Way”, and the battle metal specialists are finally here with their third album. Whilst that album was all quite a novelty to me at the time, it’s four years now and I wondered whether there was still a place for Turisas in the metal world.

Well, of course there is, because whatever else happens there will always be young men who want to hear tales of fighting and general manliness whilst quaffing flagons of beer and waving pointy objects in the air. Not a great deal has changed in the Turisas camp, but there is certainly a hint of maturity in some of the songs and arrangements that may help them appeal a bit more to the casual listener. This sort of thing always works better in a live arena, but songs like “The March Of the Varangian Guard” or the title track will have you bouncing along happily, whereas “Hunting Pirates” is as jolly a romp as you will find. Other tracks can suffer from too much grunting over actual singing, but overall this is a pleasing album that has plenty of drama, excitement and overblown pomp to bring a smile to the faces of those who like to sail the high seas from the safety of their own living room. Can’t wait for the live shows, though, because that is where the new material can truly shine.


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