Tuesday, February 22, 2011

EDEN'S CURSE - "Trinity"

Rating: 9/10

Label: AFM 2011

Review by Alan Holloway

I don't mind admitting it - I'be been looking forward to this, the appropriately titled third release from Eden's Curse, a band that have so far done a great job of throwing in plenty of melody to compliment their metal backing. Named for vocalist Michael Eden, their first two efforts showed a fine grasp of what a heavy melodic album should sound like, although neither was as accomplished as this, which may just be the one to tip them into the bigger leagues.

So many albums these days start with a rather pointless "mood setting" intro, and "TrinitY" is no different, with "Trinitas Sanctus" ensuring a swift deletion from the iPod, because if I want mood I'll forget to put the bins out. Thankfully, things go swiftly uphill with the title track, which is the best thing the band have done since "Angels & Demons", and follows a similar style, mixing speed and melody with a killer chorus. The next two tracks follow suit, and there's some brilliant showcasing of Eden's high pitched (but not too squeaky) vocals and Thosrton Koehne's intricate guitar work. Eden's Curse border on power metal, but I feel are more melodic heavy rock, but hey - labels aren't important at the end of the day, it's the music that counts.

"Trinity" manages to hit all of my buttons, whether it's with full on rockers like "Saints Of Tomorrow" or "Black Widow", or the well structured ballad "Guardian Angel", another track that sees Eden shine. The album is rounded of with a very good cover of Dio's "Rock & Roll Children", and I for one hope the band put it in the live set, as it sits very well with their own material. There's already been some fine releases so far this year, but I have no problem in putting "Trinity" at the top so far. If you like power, melody and a good dose of pop sensebilities, then this is a must buy, but be careful - you'll be singing some of the choruses in your sleep.


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