Monday, April 1, 2019

The TREATMENT: "Power Crazy"

Rating: RRRR
Label: Frontiers 2019
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

The Treatment and dare I say the cure to all your basic (very basic?) needs regarding rock n roll? "I don't need you to tell me want you what me to do. So here's my middle finger and it's aiming straight at you". It's album number four and yet another new voalist? Sound and lyric-wise, they are now about as original as a rocker or indeed footballer covered in tattoos and that's not saying a whole lot(ta Rosie) in the year of 2019. It's like if they've been drinking a whole lotta beer while listening to a whole lotta Acca Dacca albums and thinking, we can do that, we're not from down under (that's Australia if you're too posh to geddit), but what could possible go wrong? Not a whole lot(ta Rosie). It's okay to be from Cambridge, U.K. It's all about four chords and no frills anyhow.

The new shouter? Tom Rampton is the name and the game is darn excellent vocals in the tradition of Bon Scott and the two blokes from Airbourne/Bonafide. There's a healthy dosage of Aussie rock and roll throughout, and the whole thing is brought to a new acca dacca level by fresh out of the woods vocalist Rampton. For instance. "Bite Back", the best beer drinking anthem of the year. You'll be howling along to the opening line of "Stick and stones may break my bones". Are the Grey's Power Crazy? That's correct, the six-string benders are brothers. Acca Dacca right down to the shoe-laces? "We believe this record is a strong statement from the band and we look forward to playing the new songs live. We will be touring throughout 2019 and can't wait to see all you Treatment troops at our shows next year", says the band.

Unlike past Treatment recordings, where their Airrace background and not to mention lead vocals usally ended up getting short changed in the mix, here, it leaves a lasting effect long after the darn thing's stopped spinning. Do people still spin records? All guitars, all the time? Actually, "King Of The City" could also double as the soundtrack of your street fighting movie of the eighties. But yeah. It's still pretty much about guitars though. "Waiting For The Call", the cool breeze during a long hot summer of Power Crazy tunes. The bonus track, the acoustic version of "Bite Back" is frankly just no good. The living proof to the fact that you need crazy power (not to be confused with Power Crazy) and electric guitars to get the songs going at eleven. Crack it Up! Try it if you're into acts such as Airbourne, Dirty Looks, Kix, Krokus, Dangerous Toys, and you-know-who... made who.

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