Sunday, February 21, 2016


Rating: RR
Label: Frontiers 2016
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Resurrected or simply just the walking dead? I had this down for massive rock and the fun super-group effort. Not that strange considering the following killer line-up consisting of vocalist Ches West (Bonham, Tribe of Gypsies). Guitarist Craig Goldy (Giuffria, Dio). Bassist Sean McNabb (Quiet Riot, Dokken, Lynch Mob, etc). Not to mention the ever so steady and ready drummer Vinny Appice (Dio, Heaven & Hell, etc).

According to the press-release, Craig Goldy is the mastermind behind the Resurrection Kings and I expected plenty of good moments and songs from him and the rest of the band. Imagine the surprise and disappointment when finding out that Goldy merely co-wrote 5 out of 11 tracks and the rest of "the band" doesn't contribute with any songwriting whatsoever. Gutted beyond words. The rest of the songwriting? The work of Alessandro DelVecchio and it's the usual hit and miss affair with many ups and downs. I did enjoy the latest project by Del Vecchio... or at least I believe I did? I might have lost out on any of his many projects?

Bitterness disguised as tongue-in-cheek? Well... I don't believe there's any proper direction behind the majority of tracks. Best of the bunch? Definitely the 'Goldies' of Livin Out Loud, Wash Away, Fallin For You. The less impressive tracks are plenty and especially something like Never Say Goodbye (awful sugar sweet ballad) is so syrup that not even Celine Dion would bother to record. Path Of Love, lack everything from basic structure to refrain. What You Take, a waste of space really. Where are all the memorable hooks and choruses? It's a shame as West is a great vocalist, Goldy the proper guitar hero, and the rhythm section (McNabb/Appice) is a joy to listen to. By the way. The answer to my question at the beginning of this rant: put this down for zombies!!!

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