Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Danny BRYANT: "Blood Money"

Rating: RRRR
Label: Jazzhaus Records/Coast to Coast
Review by: Martien Koolen

 Blood Money is Danny Bryant's third album produced by Richard Hammerton and I can truly say that this the best Bryant album so far. Blood Money features 10 new songs and on this amazing album Bryant collaborates with blues rock guitar picker Walter Trout (title track) and with Whitesnake legend guitarist Bernie Marsden (Just Won't Burn). The title track is the opening song of the album and it is one of the many highlights of this CD, as you can enjoy Trout's and Bryant's guitar solos which are all over the place.

Slow Suicide, the third track, is probably my personal favourite, as this slow blues gem features mindboggling guitarsolos, packed with emotions and melody; awesome!! Fool's Game is an old blues song, again filled with great experimental solos by Bryant, which kind of reminds me of good old Roy Buchanan. Guest guitar picker Marsden can be heard on the longeste song of the album called Just Won't Burn; a slow blues track where Danny and Bernie alternate magnificent guitar solos. On this fantastic blues rock album you also find hommages/tributes to Albert Collins (On The Rocks, up tempo instrumental), Jimmy Reed (Holding All The Cards: "old-fashioned" rock and roll-ish) and Albert King (Unchained: funky, jazzy-like with horns and a nice wah-wah solo).

So, are there no weak, or even mediocre songs on ths album? No, in fact there are only good, very good and excellent songs on this album and Blood Money really is a musical treat from start to finish. So, why do I not award this album with the best rating, being five R's. That is only due to the fact that I am not that fond of the way how Danny Bryant sings; sometimes I even find his vocals a bit weird and too high for a blues man... But maybe I am a bit too critical there; the music, especially the guitar playing of Bryant is out of this world and should be enjoyed at maximum volume. Listening tips: Master Plan, Blood Money and Just Won't Burn; cannot wait to hear this guy in the flesh.

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