Sunday, February 28, 2016


Rating: RRRr
Label: Frontiers 2016
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Inglorious... bastards? You could be forgiven for regarding the band with suspicion and especially considering the name. Praise the (Jon) Lord, there's definitely more to these geezers than first met the eyes. You may recognize young vocalist Nathan James from his work in Trans-Siberian Band (cross-dressers?) and Uli Jon Roth. Let's not name-drop their Swedish member and former Crazy Lixx guitarist, since that would be too obvious. However, we're talking about classy U.K. Rock in a fine tradition and style on their debut album at Frontiers Records.

"They say the Devil's in the details. They say that hell is all around her all the time". Nicely put. The rest of the lyric (Girl Got A Gun) has far more in common with Coverdale though and you could be forgiven again for regarding the song with suspicion. It's one groovy and bluesy affair though and it sits nicely in between the Bad Company and Whitesnake formula of success. The hook is a proper jawbreaker and I only wish they featured a couple of more of these rockers on the album. Some of the other tracks may appear to be lacking attitude in comparison, it's probably just that they captured the rawk just perfectly with this one. In fact. The following rock of "You're Mine", including killer lines such as and I quote, 'You told me once, you told me twice', should appeal to the fan of cult UK act, Lion and their powerhouse vocalist, Ka(r)l Swan.

The album boost a 70's vs. 80's hard rock swing that should have the classic rock fan cheering with lager instead of bitter (geddit? bitter?). Lovely production and wailing vocals, Inglorious are made to conquer their UK audience and indeed the world. The perfect match as they're out on tour with The Winery Dogs and Richie Kotzen. Truth be told. Inglorious beats the crap out of their label mates and the vastly more experienced musicians of Last In Line.

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