Monday, February 2, 2015

GOV'T MULE: "Sco Mule"

Rating: Live
Label: Provogue/Mascot 2015
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Jam, jam, jam, jam, jam! It's sticky and very much extended guitar live sessions going on at full volume in Georgia, US of A. Yup. It's Gov't Mule and their all-instrumental live set recording from two shows in 1999. Previously unreleased and much talked about (really?), it's 'Sco-Mule', the approx 150 minute long concert featuring guest jazz/blues guitarist John Scofield. Bloody'ell. Warren Haynes and 'the Sco' are trading licks and tricks for nearly 20 minutes at times and something like 'King Of Bird', well... it's simply just too much for this particular reviewer. You could have a decent cat-nap here and still find yourself listening to to same old chords and tune as you wake up.

It's your weekly fusion album with everything from blues to jazz and funk to straight up rock n roll. Indeed. These cats could jam all night and Dr. Dan Matrazzo tickles the ebony and ivory just like the doctor ordered. They pull off one amazing guitar solo after another and these musicians could probably go on forever with their over the top jam session. However, I find myself in front of the PC screen, paying more and more attention to my latest game of Football Manager as I try to conquer the world and premier league while listen to Gov't Mule in the background. "Pass The Peas", I scream, as I try to get my winger to stop dribbling all of the time and simply just cross the ball in front of the goal.

Final verdict: Excellent musicians - too extended jams.

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