Thursday, February 26, 2015

CROSSNAIL: ”Sands Of Time”

Rating: - (single)

Label: Fireball Records 2015
Review by Kimmo Toivonen

Formely known as Teodor Tuff, this Norwegian band is back with a new name and a new single for starters. CROSSNAIL is the new moniker for the band, and even though it shouts ”extreme metal” to me, the sound of the band hasn’t drastically changed. They’re still playing melodic metal, as far as these two songs are anything to go by.

”Sands Of Time” is a good midtempo/semi-balladic track with the lovely Elize Ryd sharing vocals with Crossnail’s own Terje Harøy. I don’t know whether this song has enough crossover hit potential to become a radio hit, but it is certainly very good.

The second song is a cover of Gotye’s ”Somebody That I Used To Know”. Now that song has already proved its’ hit potential, and I have no doubt that Crossnail will get some airplay for their version too. The band has beefed up the song considerably, and totally changed the vibe of the song - the ”storyteller” of this version sounds almost manic and scary! Rather excellent. Terje Harøy’s are fantastic.

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