Tuesday, February 3, 2015

DANGER: ”s/t”

Rating: RRRR

Label: Stale Records 2014
Review by Kimmo Toivonen

Flashback time… Danger are a new, young band from Sweden, but their album takes me straight back to 1989. Not that it’s such a bad thing.

Actually, the band’s not even that young or new anymore, although this is their debut album. They were formed in 2008 and according to the old photos, they started out as five-piece group with an over-the-top image (think Wrathchild, early Crüe). Now there’s four of them left, and the image has been toned down a little.
The band’s songs range from California-styled, sunny pop metal to more dangerous-sounding sleaze rock. Not quite as polished as Reckless Love yet less sleazy than Hardcore Superstar, if a couple of Scandi-rock comparisons are allowed. Of course you can hear influences from the golden ages of Glam too - Ratt, Poison and even 70’ies bands like T. Rex and early Kiss.

The band knows how to come up with catchy riffs, even though some of them sound rather recycled. Most of the songs have good choruses too. The weakest part are the lead vocals, which sometimes sound really forced, as if the vocalist is trying to sound edgier than he is. Listen to ”On The Edge” for example. A good song, but could be better with a less rough vocal style.

My favorite songs include ”D.C.A. Hollywood”, ”On The Rocks”, ”Diamond Lightz” and ”The Hollow Core”. I’m not that fond of the 70’ies sounding ”Midnight Shocker” and the rather lame ”Rockstar”, but otherwise, I pretty much like all of them. That’s worthy of 4 R’s, I think.


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