Tuesday, April 15, 2014

WELL HUNG HEART: "Go Forth and Multiply"

Rating: RRR
Label: WHH/Prescription 2014
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Neat. Noisy U.S. indie garage punk rockers met Joan Jett at their local.. ehem... garage? Recorded live in the studio in Southern California using minimal overdubs and direct to tape, more or less the very definition of the raw and uncompromising underground punk movement. They have plenty of cool riffs and not necessarily too many ideas, if you get my drift? At times very primal/primitive rock by the Well Hung Heart duo of vocalist Greta Valenti (Fuji Minx) and UK born blues guitarist Robin Davey.

The Davey dude started out jamming with the likes of Buddy Guy, recording with Mick Jagger (that's Rolling Stones), and touring the world as a member of The Hoax. In fact, according to the press he's the youngest ever inductee into the British Blues Hall Of Fame? Blimey. So what's he doing playing the indie punk sludge thing in sunny beach California US of A? They have excellent black pudding over there? Surely not.

"Go Forth and Multiply" do have a couple of sort of blues numbers (not quite though), but it's mostly 'heads-down in splatter-punk town' and the odd whiff of Garbage and cult heroes such as Pixies. The overall vibe on the record is mean, nasty, raw, grungy/garage-y, and Valenti likes to strut the vocals around like a fueled Wendy O'Williams (R.I.P.) in her Plasmatics heydays. Opening track as well as single, "Big Plans", go forth and multiply with everything from a bulldozer to your elephant and the main riff is like a violent kick to the head. Their rampant rowdiness in the studio is all well and good but they may just lack that special underground hit and instant sing-a-long. Entertaining, loud and nasty.

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