Tuesday, April 29, 2014


LABEL: Trash Unreal Management


Review By: Alan Holloway

Strange things are happening in Leeds, a city in the UK that is more normally associated with a rather average football team and Melanie B, the Northern one in the Spice Girls. Things are looking up, however, as there may come a time when Chasing Dragons can be added to the list, as well they should be if this, their new EP, is anything to go by.

When I read the terms “female fronted” and “raging typhoon” coupled with the fact that the female in question is called “Tank” I was rather nonplussed, expecting a shouty mess that I could make fun of with impunity. Fortunately for music (but not for lovers of sarcasm) Ms Tank can sing very well indeed. The band have been wibbling along for a couple of years now, and it’s nice that you can see their sound maturing, with “Checkmate” a definite pinnacle of songwriting and delivery, although that’s not to say previous stuff was bad, just not this good.

As seems to be the “thing” these days, we get a minute and a half of “Prelude” which, in all honesty, should have either been grafted onto opener “Throw Down Your King” as a single track or left in the bin. I hate into tracks, but at least when they’re separate I can delete them. Once the EP starts proper it’s a real eye opener, as Chasing Dragons are a seriously good rock/metal band. The hard, melodic music suits Tank’s vocals down to the ground, and it’s a genuine compliment to say that I don’t think they would be half as good with any male vocalist. Stylistically they are very up to date with what the young people seem to like, but are melodic and accessible enough for anyone who just appreciates decent hard rock with brass balls the size of Labradors.

“That’s Not Love” takes things into a slightly more poppy direction, and although I hate to say it I’m reminded a bit of Paramore (when they are good). There’s some very neat guitar work going on and a fine melody that in a just world would bother the rock charts of the world. “For The Sake Of Murder” metals things up a bit, but is, for me, the weakest track on the album because it doesn’t really go anywhere. “The Last Defense” turns things on their head a bit with a sweet piano opening followed by a cool, measured song that displays a real depth to the band. Good stuff. Finally comes the single “Broken Jaws”, which is the reason I decided to review the EP. This is a full on, in your face melodic and heavy track with a sweet opening riff, good dual vocals, and is ultimately another piece of evidence that given the right luck Chasing Dragons could have a rosy future indeed. If you like Paramore, My Chemical Romance (when they’re not being gloomy) and stuff like Avenged Sevenfold then you really need to check these guys out. A fine marriage of melody and power, Chasing Dragons have something for everyone.

Hear the single at the band's Official Website

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