Sunday, April 27, 2014


Rating: N/A
Label: WormHoleDeath 2014
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

CHAOS CONSPIRACY: "Who The Fuck Is Elvis"

Seriously wicked. Chaos Conspiracy are exploring the dark instrumental side of metal in a rather fun and disturbing way. Call it Primus on steroids or if you prefer experimental metal fusion with jazzy passages and vivid rhythmic structures. The less than 30 minute second album release, "Who The Fuck Is Elvis", leave the commercial side of music for the rest of the bands as this particular Italy power trio stand knee deep in chaos and disorder. The message is loud and clear and I quote, 'This is not a new religion. Elvis was never our God. He's not the Father of Rock - rather he's the Father of music business'.

I agree on all the above. The real Elvis came from U.K. and goes under the name of Costello. The U.S. version is a fake prophet as well as the lame business product of the old. Presley did absolutely nothing to contribute to rock music as he merely borrowed and stole from others. Two simple questions: How many songs did he write? All the millions of fans all around the world - how many times did Elvis tour outside the states? I believe the correct answer is big fat zero on both. This is jazzy post hardcore, noisy, alternative, instrumental metal in a strange fashion and way and I quite like it.

BIOSCRAPE: "Exp Zeroone"

In all honesty, I haven't got the slightest idea what any of these songs are about? You have a go at the following lines and email me your opinion. From the hit song 'Age Of Leeches' and I quote, "People who goes to brainwashing, convinced that they are the only founding fathers of the new race of manipulated androids unable to think with their f**king mind, Regardless of real feelings that surround our lives I live in troubled times where innovation does not end", end quote. Bloody'ell. These lads could need a helping hand since it's not clearly not healthy to go on like that. Not to mention the constant abuse from their uber aggressive cookie-monster vocalist. Great musicians though. Simply get rid of the lyricist and singer. Switch from boring Nu-Metal/Hardcore/Death to proper music and we're into business. Now where did I put my ELO album?

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