Thursday, December 12, 2013

NAKED IDOL: ”Filthy Fairies”

Rating: - (EP)
Label: Rascal Music Finland 2013
Review by Kimmo Toivonen

Naked Idol was formed by ex-Lordi bass player Magnum in 2006. This year they signed a deal with an indie label called Rascal Music Finland. So far they’ve released a few singles and this 5 track EP.
Naked Idol could very well appeal to the fans of Lordi, as the band is obviously very much influenced by the 80’ies hard rock and metal. Not to mention the fact that both ex-Lordi drummer Kita and Mr. Lordi himself make cameo appearances on the EP. However, the band’s sound does have a slightly contemporary edge, especially the guitar work is quite ”modern-sounding”.

”Shattered” is the band’s latest single and the opening track of this EP. It’s one of the more modern-sounding tracks of the album, with effected vocals and grinding riffs, but the ”salvation” comes in the form of a very melodic and catchy hook. ”Hungry (For You)” is pretty straight-forward, catchy eighties’ styled hard rock, while the title track is the one with Mr. Lordi. Unfortunately it sounds like a left-over from a Lordi album, the usual croaky vocals and a rather irritating chorus. The balladic ”Jane” is my favourite track of the album, reminding me a bit of Alice Cooper and Kane Roberts. ”Devil Ridin’ Shotgun” is another somewhat Lordi-like track, with gruff vocals from the band’s singer Malcolm and a chorus hook that wouldn’t sound out of place on the monster band’s latter day albums.

All in all, this EP promises good things for the future. The band has an ear for a good melodic hook and I’m hoping that their first full-length album is full of them.

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