Thursday, December 5, 2013

DAMNATIONS DAY: ”Invisible The Dead”

Rating: RRR
Label: Nightmare 2013
Review by Rich Dillon

The band Damnations Day was given life in 2005 in Geelong, Australia before moving to Melbourne shortly after the release of their EP in 2009. The band was a three piece unit then, comprised of Mark Kennedy on vocals and guitar, Luke Vinken with the bass and Dean Kennedy behind the kit. Jon King joined the fold in 2012, taking up the lead guitar position.

Damnations Day cite influences such as System of a Down, Metallica and Iron Maiden and have amazingly self-funded their own successful New Zealand tour in 2011. Among other live dates they are scheduled for two festival performances, Steel Assassins in early November 2013 and the Stormrider Festival in May 2014. After eight years of playing around Australia and gathering a sizeable following, Damnations Day served up Invisible, The Dead on September 17, 2013. Prior to the release of this full length debut the title track was issued in video form in August as a teaser and one can also find some recent live performance videos on you tube.

While Invisible, The Dead is not a totally unenjoyable listening experience, the progressive power thrash sounds are not this reviewer’s particularly preferred cup of tea. Of the nine compositions included in the 37 minute collection two are acoustic ballads, Ghost In Me and A World To Come, the album closer and they seem a little out of place to me. As for the rest of the album I find it difficult to evaluate or choose a standout cut as the other tracks all sound very similar with some decent riffs, a sort of meld of power metal and thrash, but all seem to be lacking something, not quite pulling it off. The potential is there for Damnations Day, maybe it will grow on me with more listens.


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