Thursday, December 5, 2013

AOR: "The Secrets Of LA"

Rating: RR
Label: AOR Heaven 2013
Review by Dan Mann

Now I'll start by saying I've liked the other AOR releases and Frédéric Slama must be applauded for bringing together such a wealth of talent. However, on this occasion I'm afraid this release has not grabbed me in any shape or form. Yes there are some great vocal performances, well apart from Bob Harris, whose performances on the tracks 'Out Of The Past' & 'The Main Attraction' are truly awful. I've read plenty of glowing reviews of this album over the last couple of weeks and have wondered whether I've been either listening to a different album or my taste in music has somehow gone screwy.

Before you all start shouting that I've obviously not listened to it properly, I have sat and listened to it all the way through several times without interruption. And my opinion has not changed. Anyway the only standout tracks for me are 'Stage Struck' with Jeff Scott Soto on vocals & 'The Name Of The Game' with Robin Beck on vocals. The remainder of the album just sounds all the same to my critical ears, apart from the two awful songs I've already mentioned. I've rated it 'RR' due in part to the talent involved, otherwise it would of only merited a solitary 'R'.

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