Monday, November 4, 2013


Rating: RRR
Review by Dan Mann

Let me start by briefly telling you a bit about the band. Originally known as Six Barrel Syndicate, this quintet hail from Denmark. The band comprises of Richard - Lead, Buster - Lead guitar/backing vocals Bue - Rhythm guitar/backing vocals, Buster - Lead guitar, backing vocals, Bue - Rhythm guitar/backing vocals, Jakob - Bass/backing vocals & Adam - Drums. The EP was recorded live in Dead Rat Studio in Denmark and was produced by Jacob Bredahl (former singer in Hatesphere).

And so to the EP itself. Well according to the band's own description, the EP is a cocktail of catchy songs and explosive live energy. I certainly can't disagree with that. Kicking off with 'Heavy Thunder' straight away they're in your face with a raw yet controlled energy which is much lacking in a lot of releases these days. Next up we have 'Kings and Queens' a rip roaring foot stomper of a song. I can here quite a few hints to other bands, imagine the Black Crowes with a hint of Jackyl thrown into the mix. The third track, 'White Lies' continues in a similar vein, with a very tight rhythm and some excellent guitar work by Buster with just the right amount of hint of 70's rock bands of old. And so we come to the fourth and final track, 'It Ain't Over Yet'. If I'm honest I found the sound quality on this final track a little harsh to my ears and on repeat plays of the EP I found myself skipping this track, which is unfortunate.

Overall I found the EP to be energetic & enthusiastic sounding. I feel that if this was an album it would need breaking up with one or two slower numbers to avoid maybe giving the listener some fatigue through hearing the same speed & tempo throughout.

I give the EP RRR and will be keeping an eye on what direction they move in going forward.

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