Friday, November 1, 2013

SPIRITS OF THE DEAD: "Rumours Of A Presence"

Rating: RRR
Label: The End Records 2013
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

The Spirits of The Dead are riding the fluffy white dragon as they're flying across the universe and towards the never-ending story of psychdelica, mushroom and Limahl. Make no sense? Well of course not. It's all kajagoogoo and the hostile squall of life's never-ending blizzard according to the evil dark wizzard. What if you're looking through the kaleidoscope of acid rock only to discover that every day is Christmas AND that you've attracted Santa Claustrophobia. Far-out, dude. Far-out...

"Rumours of a Presence" is in fact the third album from Norway's finest(?) psychedelica stoner band. It's the magical wonderful place where the Progressive guitar-driven flower-power rock of the late 60s and early 70s still exist. We're dealing with the dead, spirits, and heavy/melodic colourful compositions that defies description and dares the imagination to throw off its shackles to the known and the now. It's the past, present, and future rock of spectral groove and spacey arrangements. Let's rummage through the eight album tracks and shoot at something that is so far out of range, you might as well shoot for the moon.

Try really hard and you'll probably discover the odd bits and pieces of King Crimson, (very early) Pink Floyd, Van Der Graaf Generator, and the underground cult band of Aphrodite's Child (feat: Vangelis). They may also at times remind you of BJH and 'The Planet Caravan' song by Black Sabbath is no doubt another great source of inspiration. In fact, the Norwegians manage to get just about everything right on their third album, from their filthy guitar sound of the past and suitably keys, to the melodic groove of the songs within the Rumours Of A Prescence. It's very much the album effort and the genuine craftmanship of melodic progressive psychedelic rock. Lo and behold, these guys are actually fun to listen to even without the use of hallucinogenics.
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