Tuesday, May 14, 2013

AMAZE ME - “Guilty As Sin”

AOR Heaven

Rating: RRR

Review By Alan Holloway

Well this takes me back as back in the 90s one of the first bands I reviewed was Amaze me, a collaboration between Conny Lind (Vocals) and Peter Broman (everything else).  They released three pretty decent AOR albums in the 90s, and as such I was looking forward to hear what they were doing nearly fifteen years after their last collaboration.

“Guilty As Sin” is, unsurprisingly, more of the same. It features twelve new compositions, each a well crafted slice of radio friendly melodic rock. It’s one of those albums that doesn’t really put a step wrong, but doesn’t really do anything to, well, amaze me. Tracks Like “Everybody” and the catchy “Save Me” ably demonstrate the duo’s talent, with the latter featuring a sweet little guitar solo and a Night Ranger vibe. Lind has a fine voice and Broman obviously knows his way round a music shop, although the production could certainly turn in a bigger sound.

This is one of those albums that is pretty enjoyable as you listen to it, yet hard to recall ten minutes afterwards. Wholly competent AOR abounds, and I am sure if you enjoyed the old albums you will like it, but for me it’s not got that “oomph” factor, preferring to stay more middle of the road than  a white line. Not a bad album, by any means, just not a great one.

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