Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Neil DANIELS: "The Early Years With Bon Scott" (book)

Publisher: Impbooks 2012
Review by The Bailey Brothers

We were there in 1976 for the “Lock Up Your Daughters “ UK tour and have been fans of AC/DC ever since. This book not only rekindled many fond memories of early AC/DC it will take you right back to those pre Bon Scott days during the Dave Edwards era. You get an insight into the work ethic of the young brothers who would cut an album in a few weeks playing live in the studio and re dubbing a few guitar and vocal parts.

From their humble beginning to super stardom the songs have a life story of their own and their journey is skilfully recaptured by the author Daniels. Although the book may have lacked any direct interview with the current band the book has a chronological flow to it with accounts from critics and former band members. Quotes from the current band members to other publications over the years have been blended into the book to add a little weight to the era. The book is like a family tree of one of the world’s favourite Rock N Roll bands from their humble beginning to the end of the life of the great Bon Scott. Brian Jonson’s era is also documented.

This is not a band that is fading with time. AC/DC have remained a major force coming through the punk, prog rock. glam, NWOBHM, rap, death metal and every genre you can mention. It’s all about the live experience, those infectious riffs, those tongue in cheek lyrics, that school boy uniform, those wild solos, the sweat and grind of a powerhouse rock solid rhythm section and a band giving 100% every show. That’s how you remain a stadium band. In capturing their early years Neil Daniels has shown that if you remain true to yourself and the music you believe in the fans will follow your journey to the end.
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