Sunday, May 13, 2012

LAMERA: "Mechanically Separated"

Rating: 2/10
Label: Transhumanz 2012
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Bloody'ell... I can't understand a word of what Thomas Franklin sings or rather growls. GWRRUURRLL, GWWAARRR, GNNNUUURR?? I do enjoy some of their arrangements as Lamera combine core elements with thrashy passages and Tool-like (the band) riffing. But for fecks' sake, the vocals are so extremely boring (monotone) and out of date. It's like if you've been traveling back in time to the year of 1998. Do people still find this interesting? dodgy vocals? Lamera from Germany, Austria, Switzerland? is touring Europe since 2006 with the likes of Maroon, Neaera, Emil Bulls, Ektomorf, Hackneyed. Are they Smurfs or band names? Probably both as on the one hand they're quite tiny and blue and on the other hand they're bloody annoying. Sadly, Lamera are not one band that makes much sense in the metal scene of twenty twelve. "The Cycle" track with its catchy modern uplifting beat and clean vocal refrain - the only real keeper in my book.

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